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This year’s CES theme of Audio for Life comes alive in the form of “Acoustic Intelligence.” It’s an exciting, holistic approach. We’re expanding our scope to manage sounds inside the vehicle, so drivers can stay focused and in control, while passengers can get the most out of their in-vehicle experience. We’re harnessing the proven R&D prowess of Bose as well as upping our own Automotive game to offer products and technologies that benefit listeners in any car.

Audio for Life

A great piece of music played on a quality sound system has the power to move you. Bose will always keep our commitment to quality music enjoyment, but we’re also making advancements in new technologies and products that connect listening experiences at home, on the go, and in your vehicle. These experiences go beyond music; they’re about using audio to make your life better in new and exciting ways.

Beyond Music: Acoustic Intelligence

At Bose Automotive we’re focused on meeting the challenges and opportunities of Connectivity, Autonomy, Sharing and Electrification as they shape the future of the automotive industry and affect how we travel.

We’re working on a suite of technologies that include Road Noise Control, Audio Augmented Reality, and Voice interfaces, going beyond our core offerings and further developing what we call “Acoustic Intelligence”.

During the 2019 CES show in Las Vegas, we previewed some of our latest technologies to the automotive industry.

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QuietComfort Road Noise Control tames unwanted noise from the road so you can listen to what matters most.

A brand new active, adaptive technology, ready for your next generation of vehicles.

Bose is now poised to introduce a remedy to what’s long been a challenge to carmakers: road noise. Announcing QuietComfort Road Noise Control, or RNC for short.

Cabin noise is caused by many sources: the powertrain, road, tires, wind, and chassis vibration.

Traditionally, carmakers use passive countermeasures to address road noise, but they all involve compromises, like added weight. Bose looked beyond these to find a high-performing solution ─ with fewer compromises.

Our RNC technology noticeably reduces that constant, droning road noise that annoys us all when driving ─ especially when that noise interferes with your music, phone calls and conversation.

In the future, lighter cars and electric vehicles mean that road noise could become even more noticeable. We’re working toward a future where everyone in the vehicle has the best sound experience possible.


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Hear, and be heard

Improving communication inside the vehicle

The Bose CarWear concept utilizes headphones you already own to solve communication and music listening issues that arise in cars.

Passengers are using headphones in cars more often. It can be frustratingly difficult for people inside the same car to get the attention of others or to talk. The Bose CarWear concept uses a new multipoint Bluetooth hub to enable seamless communication between headphone-wearing passengers and the driver. Now rear-seat passengers can enjoy their own content at their own volume level while drivers or other passengers can start a conversation with a simple touchscreen tap.

Beyond providing benefits to today’s families, CarWear has a place in the future. This includes ride-sharing and self-driving cars, where passengers might want to enjoy their own content, or communicate with each other.

Our vision is that the CarWear experience can be integrated into the vehicle’s infotainment system from the factory, or via a brought-in device.

Feel the impact

BassMatch. An experience that revolves around the car’s most advanced feature ─ you.

Two companies obsessed with one goal ─ to deliver an outstanding human-centric experience.

When Mazda envisioned the next-generation Mazda3, they knew that taking the sound system to a new level was an essential part of the experience. They were willing to defy convention to make it happen. They turned to Bose, and the solution was BassMatch.

Bose BassMatch takes the woofers out of the typical location in the front doors and moves them forward and integrates them into the car body, providing a more optimal drive point. Additionally there is a third bass enclosure in the rear of the vehicle, providing balanced low frequency throughout the cabin. This new approach envelops listeners with powerful, tight bass, and delivers all of the emotional satisfaction of a live performance.

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Bose AR communicates what’s around, while keeping your attention where it belongs – on the world outside.

The SmartDrive Experience is a first look of what the future may hold for audio augmented reality in a car.

Bose AR is a way to automatically add a layer of audio, connecting your current location and surroundings to endless possibilities ─ for travel, learning, entertainment, gaming, and more. Using Bose Frames and content coming soon from third-party developers, you can conveniently and safely access information important to you, without reaching for your smartphone.

Our CES SmartDrive concept demonstration illustrated the potential of Bose AR while driving. We are looking to the future and researching how this can also be done without wearables, by using head-tracking cameras and UltraNearfield headrest speakers.

Seeing is believing

Surround yourself in beautiful and distinctive industrial design.

Bose Automotive has created a new virtual reality (VR) design studio that enables efficient and cost-effective presentation of audio system industrial designs.

Vehicle teams and designers can easily explore and evaluate multiple, custom designs and make instant changes. This virtual vehicle studio greatly expands viewable options and saves cost and time versus physical fabrication and installation.

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