gives high marks to Bose premium sound in the all-new Mazda3

Here’s what says about the Bose system in the all-new Mazda3:

“We need to talk about the audio system in this car. Mazda worked with Bose to make some major improvements, including pulling the bass speakers off the front door panels and putting them under the cowling to reduce vibrations and better direct the sound waves at the passengers. The forward side tweeters are now on the door sill just behind the A-pillars, and the Bose premium system adds a rear woofer and centre front speaker along with additional cones on the sides. And it can also read Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) high-definition music files. How good the standard eight-speaker system sounds I can’t say, although it would benefit from many of these changes. But if there’s a better factory sound system than this Bose 12-speaker arrangement in any other car under $40,000, show it to me and I’ll pay you a reward. I haven’t heard sound quality this good since I last sat in my father’s living room listening to his pristine vinyl collection though his multi-thousand-dollar surround sound setup.”

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