Dreaming, inventing, engineering


At Bose Corporation, it all begins with you, the individual listener. Since our founding in 1964, you’ve been our focus — your perception of sound and how you feel during and after the listening experience. An almost obsessive attention to details big and small helps us in our quest to get things right. Like headphones made of premium materials that stay comfortable all day. Or portable speakers that hold up during travel, yet sound and look great in your home.

Sound in motion

Since establishing Bose Automotive in 1982, we’ve brought the power of sound to the road, where we can enrich the drive with emotion and meaning. Throughout our history, we’ve recognized the inherent power in music, the spoken word, in every sound, really. We believe that the power of sound is for everyone. Its appeal is universal and should be made accessible to all.


Making the drive better — for everyone

We partner with carmakers around the world to make that a reality, providing custom audio solutions for a wide range of vehicles. From smaller, entry-level cars to crossovers, SUVs and pickup trucks, all the way to high-performance sports and luxury cars, Bose Automotive is there. We bring new ideas forward to deliver an experience of emotion, freedom, and confidence.

New roads are in view

Recently, we’ve seen technological advances that are fundamentally changing transportation. It’s a dynamic time, full of exciting trends. No one can be certain where all this is headed, but it’s clear that sound will play an essential part, going beyond music to encompass everything we hear and say in the vehicle interior. We invite you to come with us on the journey.


The legacy lives on

Our founder, Dr. Amar G. Bose (1929–2013), had boundless imagination, always dreaming of how to make things better. He built a company and fostered an environment where all of us can reach our fullest potential.

In that spirit, Dr. Bose created the Special Purpose Trust, a unique offering to donate the majority of Bose Corporation stock in the form of non-voting, non-transferable shares to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Under this arrangement, our success helps MIT advance its mission of education and research. At the same time, Bose remains private and independent, operating as we always have according to our guiding principles and values. This enables us to continue emphasizing research as a springboard for innovation, and to play for the long run, as we create and deliver products with benefits that add value to people’s lives every day.



Through his generosity, the vision of Dr. Bose continues to guide the way.