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At Bose, we have always been passionate pioneers in sound systems and music reproduction. Music can excite the senses and truly move you. We believe great audio exists at the intersection of technical innovation and human emotion.

Achieving natural and immersive sound in vehicles isn't easy. Our extensive research and expertise in acoustics, together with decades of experience, make it possible. And we won’t stop. We're pushing the limits of what's possible, with new research and technology concepts to elevate music listening experiences to new heights.

Music Technologies

3DX concept

We experience the world around us in three dimensions. And 3D audio experiences are growing in our day-to-day life, from theaters, to our living rooms, to our vehicles. But the availability and quality of 3D sound experiences in vehicles is limited. First, systems need to incorporate the appropriate components and algorithms. Second, true 3D-encoded content isn’t widely available for vehicles. And that’s where our newest sound-elevating technology is designed to excel. 

Bose 3DX is unlike anything we’ve created before. Using a combination of cutting-edge Bose soundstage technologies and appropriately-placed height speakers, it delivers a three-dimensional listening experience from any stereo source. Your favorite songs are vividly brought to life, exciting the senses and transforming your enjoyment of every drive. As 3D-encoded music grows in the industry, we'll continue to mature and develop Bose 3DX technology to optimize future three dimensional listening experiences.

3DX supports these experience domains: