Women Automotive Summit: Why we’re excited for the electric vehicle revolution

Women in Automotive was founded by six industry female leaders who came together with the same interest in empowering and developing women in the auto sector.

Bose's Global Customer Marketing Lead, Jamie Parissi, has been helping to drive the automotive industry forward throughout her tenured history. She recently spoke at the Women Automotive Summit and shared why Bose is well placed for the electronic vehicle revolution.

For over 50 years, Bose has been researching psychoacoustics and using the power of sound to create astonishing listening experiences. And as part of the Automotive team at Bose, great sound in the car is our passion – even in electric vehicles.​

Jamie explains that “we give carmakers’ engineers the ability to design acceleration sounds that complement different driving modes, helping to restore some excitement and connection with the driving experience.”

Watch the talk below to see why Jamie is excited for the road ahead.